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Y/A Yoga Guides

Founder: Ashley Elsasser
Ashley has been practicing yoga for over 10 years (starting way back when she was a competitive dancer) and has been formally trained through CorePower Yoga, Samadhi Center for Yoga, & Tattvaa Yogashala in Rishikesh India. She has attended various Tantra, Forest Yoga, and Meditation workshops as well. In addition to yoga, she studies International Relations and Latin American Development through the University of Denver. She has a strong knowledge of Hatha yoga, various forms of meditation, yoga alignment, and Pranayama (breath practice). Her Hatha practice has an Ashtanga base but uses a variety of other techniques derived from Iyengar, Forest, and Kundalini yoga. Ashley works closely with Doctors, & other wellness professionals in order to provide quality service to all of her students- She leaves no question unanswered. Ashley emphasizes on proper alignment in EVERY one of her classes- If something isn't aligned properly, she'll fix it. Expect to learn how to breath, align yourself properly without the use of mirrors, and instead, with intuition and self exploration with her guidance. She will push you BUT she will not break you.
Annie Martens 
Annie received her 200 HR YTT certificate in Rishikesh, India, the Yoga capital of the world. She has practiced and studied in Los Angeles, Boston and Denver, and has deepened her love of Yoga through her appreciation of it’s philosophy and traditional Indian roots. She loves to teach and share this sacred wisdom. Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance or ways to be more in tune with your body, she makes her lessons easy to digest and inspiring for every person. Her all-levels classes typically move at a slower pace with longer holds. She encourages her students to find strength, flexibility, and contentment in every posture, whether it’s a more advanced arm balance or a simple standing pose. She believes they are all equally important, and yoga trains the mind to find equanimity in all circumstances, on and off the mat. Annie is the Writer and Founder of Cosmic Kundalini (CK), a bi-monthly newsletter covering lunar-astrology, and practical advice for practicing Yoga and meditation.
Bonnie Mohwinkle
Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root, 'yuj' meaning 'to join' or two yolk. Bonnie creates an enchanting space for you to feel your body and spirit in a flowing dance of yoga, Union. Bonnie has been sharing the gift of yoga since she completed her 200 hour training in 2017. Her teaching methods are centered around serving the deeper flow of the universe and challenging students to explore the way they can connect to that subtle energy.
Her practice is deeply devotional, guiding students to tap into their own sacred realm of creation. Her passion and excitement for transformational healing connects people to their own potential- cultivating, purpose and self love. She encourages her students to be deliberate creators, planting sustainable seeds for expansion. Bonnie believes through breath, balance and meditation we are able to tune in to an expansive Vortex of Infinite Creation. Come share the gift of Union, We Are All One.
Hyde Chrastina
Hyde began her journey with yoga during her years in design school in Philadelphia. It wasn’t long before she realized that “yoga” was not just a physical practice, but a form of therapy, with the capacity to heal a broken heart, calm a racing mind, and help people listen to and connect to their truest selves. Over the years, growing and moving, she practiced with many different teachers around the world, and began to find the inspiration to become a teacher herself. Her dream became to share this beautiful practice as a holistic science, allowing others to discover the deep inner peace that becomes available to us through yoga. 
Finally, she quit her full-time job and traveled to India to attend Himalaya Yoga Valley’s 200 Hour TTC. Here, she studied under Yogacharya Lalit Kumar, who connected her to the lineage of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Jois, BKS Iyengar, Swami Veda and Swami Rama. She returned to the US with a head full of knowledge, a heart full of love, and a being full of excitement and inspiration. She now brings each of these aspects into her classes – with in-depth knowledge of yogic philosophy, meditation techniques, Pranayama exercises as well as human anatomy and Ayurvedic practices, she hopes to always keep the connection back to the source and share this ancient wisdom in an accessible and inclusive way.
Kim Lenhart
Kim found her profound love for yoga when her daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis and had extensive spinal fusion to correct the curvature. Wanting to keep her daughter’s spine strong and body limber she signed them both up for a month of yoga. Kim began to practice more frequently realizing how wonderful yoga was. She takes yoga into other areas of her life helping with sleep, stress, relationships and overall wellbeing. Kim has continued her yoga journey practicing frequently, attending yoga festivals and workshops. Attending Yoga Teacher Training and getting her 200 R-YT certificate was one of the most joyful times in her life. Kim believes the practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation is for everyone and has the unique capacity to bring attention to the mind, body and breath, harmonizing your entire being, leading to a healthy limber body and calm focused mind. She aspires to share her love and knowledge of yoga in every class she teaches.
Krystal Phillips
Krystal’s fire for yoga was sparked in college, however her yogic passion and dedication to practice began to unfold at Asana Studio in 2014. As a Give Peace a Chance 2015 RYT-200 graduate, she aims to with mindful integrity and openness inspire and empower others through yoga. Krystal invites you to explore returning balance in your breath, body, and senses through her offering of an earthy, grounded, and safe practice.
Laura Bouche Ashtanga Guide
Laura first started practicing yoga while working as a civil engineer in Houston, TX.  She then relocated to Denver, Colorado and eventually Zurich, Switzerland.  Her yoga relationship deepened when a friend introduced her to an Ashtanga Primary Series class while living in Switzerland, love at first breath! It was at this point that she decided to focus her studies on the Ashtanga Yoga Tradition. Laura then moved to Golden, Colorado and continues to further her Ashtanga studies under the guidance of prominent teacher Richard Freeman in Boulder, Colorado.  Her interest in expanding the body-mind connection led her to study Zen Meditation which she continues to practice.  Her teaching style strongly focuses on imparting the soothing and therapeutic effects of Ashtanga yoga to make the practice fun and accessible to students of all levels.
Sara Buck
Sara received her training in Denver in 2011 at Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation. Since that time her world has transformed to support her love for Yoga, so that she can help offer that gift to others. Yoga has grown in her life to influence all areas. For the past 6 years she has been splitting her time teaching yoga in Kauai, HI and Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Rocks, CO. Sara strives to make practice approachable and accessible to nearly anyone. She firmly stands behind beginning with the basics and building from there so that students are safe and aware of their bodies. She also believes in allowing for enough space that students are able to discover their own internal processes. She wants her students to have fun, to feel deeply connected to themselves, and to simply feel good, safe, and grounded.
Sarah Wartell
Discovering yoga over 15 years ago, Sarah loves the ever evolving practice and lessons it offers. After formalizing her 300 hour yoga training with World Peace Yoga in 2012, she started teaching full time for studios, fitness centers and schools. She offers instruction in a variety of styles of yoga including Kids Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa basics to advanced levels, Hot Yoga, Restorative and Partner Yoga. In her classes, she loves to fuse creative sequencing, spirited playfulness, and heart inspired themes intended to deepen your practice, encourage self awareness, and cultivate lasting peace. Along with her yoga training, Sarah received Thai Yoga and Reiki instruction and enjoys offering nurturing adjustments to her students. Her dual degree in Women Studies and Peace & Conflict Studies along with her background working for AmeriCorps led her to create Seedling Yoga presently serving kids in the Golden, area. She enjoys being a part of her community in Golden, Colorado with her husband, two kids and their wild dog, Max.