All classes will be taught to students of varying experiences & levels, unless otherwise specified.
 Each instructor will queue for beginners, intermediate, & advanced yogis. 
All instructors will provide verbal and physical assists for all yogis who accept.
All instructors are paid based on commission plus tips. If you like your experience, show the instructor some love. 

30 minute high intensity vinyasa classes
  • Vinyasa based high intensity workout that increases the heart rate, builds strength, stamina, and gets you sweating. 
Guided meditation
  • A simple yet powerful guided meditation practice. These classes are designed to teach you to still your mind and increase awareness through mindfulness practices. You can take what we learn in these classes and use them yourself on a daily basis.
60 minute Hatha yoga flow classes
  • “hatha” can be translated two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance. Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation. These classes are taught in a gentle vinyasa style- Maintaining a constant connection with your breath and movement as all asanas (positions) flow together as one
Advanced Asana Practice
  • This is a 1 hour Hatha Vinyasa class designed for yogis that want to expand their asana and meditation practice. Not only are the asana's & vinyasa's more advanced, but so is the intention. We will learn & chant a sanskrit mantra at the beginning & end of each practice. At times, other traditional yogic aspects will be implemented such as the use of mudras & prana (breath) work.
  • We focus on proper alignment and breath as we take on new & challenging poses. In this 1 hour class be prepared to sweat, and to challenge both your body and mind. As in all our classes, balance is key. You will find yourself not only practicing many balancing poses but also balance of the mind.

Deep Slow Flow

  • Deep Slow Flow is a combination of Deep Stretch and Slow Flow. You will build slowly and mindfully to go deeper into the postures while still maintaining flow and breathwork. This is an all levels class that will still challenge you at your unique level of experience and will develop strength, flexibility and breath.

Easy Flow

  • Easy Flow yoga utilizes hatha-based alignment principles accompanied by a gentle flow and breath. This class meets students where they are - beginners and advanced practitioners alike can benefit from slowing down and simply enjoying the beautiful practice of yoga.

Friday Slow Flow

  • Slow down your practice and slow down your mind. This vinyasa based class is fully guided and uses slow-paced flows and longer holding postures, inspired from Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga to work deep within the body to build strength and flexibility while releasing tension. Moving with intention leaves the practitioner with a deeper appreciation for not only the physical postures (asanas), but also the spaces in between. This class is highly recommended for new practitioners.

Gentle Bliss

  • This is a gentle flow class with a longer relaxation at the end. It will fully allow you to unwind and prepare for the week ahead with a renewed and relaxed state of mind. All levels welcome. We have rotating teachers for this class so each week will be a little different.

Gentle Yoga

  • This is a slow paced class perfect for beginners or those who just want to move a little more slowly or mindfully today.

Mindful Hatha

  • Traditional Indian Hatha Yoga. We will move at a slow pace and practice being present and mindful, while also stretching and strengthening the body. Modifications will be offered so that all levels of students can practice. Class will begin with a short meditation and end with deep relaxation and optional head massage with essential oils.

Pilates Mat Class

  • To round out your practice we are adding a pilates class! Pilates focuses on deep core strength and alignment so is a perfect "workout" to refine your weekly yoga practice.

Slow Flow

  • This class incorporates asana, breathwork and mindfulness techniques sequenced to optimize the energetic effects of practice. This class emphasizes meditative movement with longer holds in standing poses and deep release in longer-held seated postures. – All levels welcome.


  • This is a moderately paced class that links breath with movement. Expect to build a little heat and cleanse the mind and the body. Open to all levels, this class can be challenging (especially if you want it to be).

Yoga for Strength & Balance

  • Builds core strength as well as strength in the arms, legs, hips and spine. Open to all levels, this class can be challenging (especially if you want it to be).                    
              • Pricing:
                • $20 - Drop in 
                • $15 - Students
                • $10 - Children under 10