Y/A Vision & Goals

YourAshtanga's vision, and who ever teaches with us, goes beyond teaching yoga classes. Our vision is to create a vibrant and sustainable yoga community in Golden CO that has a positive impact on our society. Already, we our sponsoring local non-profits and volunteering our time. Check out: Karma-Case 

In honor of the non-profit we sponsor, we plan to host galas inviting the community to learn about the nonprofit we sponsored and to give thanks to those that have donated. However, we have a dream to do more. We want to expand our small studio into an entire building made of small studios (Like our current one) with Golden's number 1 healthy cafe. Here we'll offer Ayurvedic foods, locally grown products, and fresh sandwiches, smoothies, and soups- At night we'll offer live music. 

YourAshtanga already offers exceptional and unique service. We have highly trained teachers that are trained to correct improper alignment thus, all of our students will receive the knowledge to accurately execute poses. All of our main asana classes are streamed live for Y/A members to view when out of town or unable to make it to the studio. Our class size max is 10 students, that way we give our students personal attention most often found only in private classes or small studios. 

YourAshtanga allows all teachers to accept cash tips from students- effectively making us one of the first yoga studios ever to do this! By making this a part of our culture, we are able to have outstanding teachers that stay with us over time because it is sustainable for them.

Lastly, we offer events and workshops monthly for the community. YourAshtanga is innovative, progressive, and knowledgeable so you can count on your experience with us to be one of a kind.

If you're interesting in investing in YourAshtanga's vision & mission contact Ashley at Ashley@yourAshtanga.com

- Namaste