Private Yoga Instruction



Experience exclusivity on a level unlike any other. Private yoga classes are completely customized with YOU in mind. Experience the attention you deserve, the instruction you understand, and the postures your mind & body are craving.


Experience pure exclusive customization for the mind & body

Ashley, founder of YourAshtanga, specializes in creating custom yoga classes. She uses philosophies, practices, and principles from all over the world to deliver the best yoga experience for each individual student. Check out her bio here:

Clients Ashley has worked with: Tri-athletes, runners, rugby players, dancers, Ataxia patients, M.S. patients, children ages 1-12, Spanish speaking women & men, cyclists, rock climbers, skiers, snowboarders, people with minimal to no flexibility, people with scoliosis and fussed vertebrae, people that sit and type A LOT, people that are on their feet A LOT.

Ashley helps people gain strength, flexibility, break down myfacial tissue, learn to meditate, regulate breathing, and so much more. She will not only provide you custom classes but she will provide you life long tools.

Pricing Options

Since each session is completely unique, pricing varies.

Variables Include:

Location - YourAshtanga Yoga Studio or specific location

# of sessions

# of students attending each class

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